Cataract/Tecnis Aspheric "High Def Distance" Lens ImplantsDrew Speier News Anchor

Dr. Bucci had been recommended to me, I did research him before making my decision. My consultation and procedure were excellent, professional and detailed. His staff did a great job of explaining things to me and treating me as if I was a family member. I would tell someone considering eye surgery, Dr. Bucci's credentials speak for themselves - one of the very best!

Drew S.

Even our employees have cataract surgery with Dr. Bucci! Watch the video to learn about Amy Jo's experience.


Cataract/ Mutli-Lx

Cataract/ Multi-Lx

I had worn bifocals for years and deteriorating vision for the past 10 years. Finally, diagnosed with cataracts in the fall of 2008 by my optometrist....Being an avid hunter and fisherman, wearing glasses was bad enough, but the cataracts were limiting my ability to enjoy the things I loved most, being outdoors.

I went to Dr. Bucci's seminar, schedule a consult, then my eye surgery deciding on the multifocal lens implants.
I can say without hesitation, the staff at Bucci Laser Vision is fantastic providing a caring comfortable and professional atmosphere. Any questions or concerns were handled immediately. After the second eye, I jokingly told the staff "I could tell the difference between a 6 inch and a 9-inch beard on a spring turkey from 60 yards away."

Now I almost take my vision for granted... I would recommend Bucci Laser Vision to anyone, actually, I have, my wife had surgery by Dr. Bucci as well.

Richard B. Sr. - Nesquehoning, PA

At 29 years old I was diagnosed with cataracts by my optometrist. I was young and debated going to Philadelphia to have my cataract surgeries. I was convinced by my optometrist that the service that I would get from Dr. Bucci would be the same if not better than in Philadelphia.

I went to Dr. Bucci who confirmed the diagnoses and he performed my first cataract surgery in late 2007. Almost immediately there was a huge difference in my vision compared with before. The whole process was flawless; beginning with the excellent care of the doctor and staff at his office.

I had the second cataract procedure in 2010 at the same time as my aunt whom I recommended to Dr. Bucci, both were successful. I had worn glasses for 15 years before the procedure and now I no longer need glasses with near 20/20 vision. With my demanding job on a computer, I have no problems seeing my computer or the mountains across the valley. I would recommend Dr. Bucci to anyone who has eye issues.

Alex J. P., Pittston, PA - Premium Cataract Surgery with Multifocal lens implants


CustomVue LASIK


Things before I had LASIK done...........

Driving at night was a struggle with my contacts drying out, could never drive with the heat on or A/C blowing in my face. If I were out late at night my eyes would be killing me and be bloodshot because of how irritated they were from my contacts. I always felt awkward when having face to face conversations because either my eyes were red or just looking at someone eye to eye longer than 4 seconds would have my contacts glued to my eyes, so I was always looking away or blinking like crazy!!!

Now since I've had the surgery all of those problems have gone away. My vision is even better and it's only been 2 weeks. I can go to bed or be out somewhere and crash without the worry of taking my contacts out to go to bed. Something as little as waking up to go hunting at 4:30 am and having to put contacts in was such a struggle and now that problem is erased. I just love that all the problems I had are now behind me and I have literally 0 issues. I've been wanting to do this since I was 15 and always told my mom once I'm 21 I'm getting this surgery, and now that I have I would say it's the greatest purchase I have ever made.



After doing a lot of research, I chose Dr. Bucci because of his credentials and his exceptional reputation.  His staff is very knowledgeable, warm, professional and treated me like family.  I can finally enjoy the freedom of not having to deal with glasses and contacts after 30 years.  Thank you, Dr. Bucci.  I can’t believe that I waited so long to have 20/15 vision!



I've worn glasses for the past 25 years. I hate glasses, I don't even like sunglasses. Contacts are a hassle, cleaning and changing them. I had immediate results right after my LASIK procedure. I could see better than I did with my contacts. The following day at my post-op checkup, I already had 20/20 vision. I'm telling you, I can't stop smiling... It's a great feeling to be able to see. Thanks, Dr. Bucci.

Robert L. Jr. - Stroudsburg, PA.



How can you say Thank You to someone who completely changed your life? I am so grateful to Dr. Bucci and his staff for allowing me to see and do things that I haven't been able to do for years. The freedom of waking up and going about daily activities without the worry or hassle of contact lenses and glasses is remarkable. I highly recommend that everyone attend a free seminar, so they too can see how Dr. Bucci can change their lives.


Kelly Z. - Kingston, PA.



After wearing glasses for 30 years, words can not express how I felt rolling over in bed and reading the alarm clock across the room. Life is great not having to worry about contacts and solutions, glasses fogging up or squinting to find your glasses in the middle of the night. Having LASIK was the next best thing to being born 20/20!


Rebecca M. - Benton, PA.



"I've worn glasses since I was 7 yrs. old - I guess you could say, I was basically blind without my glasses. After graduation, I was informed that my eyes were too bad without my glasses to get the position I was offered. That's when I came to Dr. Bucci. Within hours of my LASIK procedure - I could read clocks & items across the room. Now I can accept the position with the police dept. No more hassles, fear of breaking my glasses, drops of rain distracting my vision, seeing clearly 100% of the time."


Dana D. - Montoursville, PA.

Police Academy Grad -"Top Of His Class 2005"




After I had (custom LASIK) surgery, I began seeing clearer every hour. By the next morning, I was seeing perfect. I play golf every chance I get. Before I'd hit the ball, and had no idea where it went. I told Dr. Bucci, he took 6 strokes off my game. At work, I had to sit 6" away from my computer screen - now 3-5 ft. Away I can see. Four days after the surgery, I no longer needed drops & my eyes felt great.

Jody M. - Clarks Summit


After being burdened with glasses and contacts over a period of 18 years, I decided to have CustomVue LASIK surgery. After exhausting research, I determined that Dr. Bucci was the best surgeon in the valley. I attended one of his free seminars. I met Dr. Bucci and his staff and immediately scheduled the next available appointment. The procedure was painless, fast and provided me with 20/20 vision in both eyes. Now I am able to engage in outdoor sports and activities without the cumbersome and irritating regimen of glasses or contacts. My only regret is I didn't visit Dr. Bucci sooner.

Suzanne B. - Nanticoke, PA.


"I've been wearing glasses since Kindergarten, then contacts in High School. My aunt had LASIK done by Dr. Bucci last year, which is what got me thinking about it. My Dad suggested I go to Dr. Bucci's seminar to find out all of the details. It was after that I decided to have Custom LASIK. I now have 20/20 vision and am free from glasses & contacts."

Amiee H. - Mountain Top, PA.


I've worn glasses since childhood. My brother had LASIK with Dr. Bucci. Hearing his reaction, and knowing that he went from practically blind to 20/20 got me thinking about it. I'm active in sports, swimming and running. Everything is so much easier now. No more hassle and expense of prescription sunglasses, contacts, and solutions. I can actually see while applying my make-up. I now take my vision for granted.

Marisa P.- Pittston, PA.

Premium Cataract Surgery

The first thing that comes to mind today is WOW, I can see again.

I can't remember what year it was when I started wearing prescription glasses for driving and readers for close eye work, but it was double-digit years ago. I used to keep a set of readers in every room of my home.

Since my cataract, Multi-Lx Elite & LASIK surgery I have not used glasses or readers. My eyesight is excellent and improves every day. I am very happy and satisfied.

Thanks to Dr. Bucci and his entire staff, everyone was very professional.                                        Joseph C. - Hazleton, PA.

"I've been involved in sports all my life - had to start wearing glasses when I was 45. My prescription kept getting stronger over the years. In my last checkup, I found out I had cataracts in both eyes. I have heard many success stories about Dr. Bucci. After my consultation with him, I planned to have the Multi-Lx EliteT procedure. I had immediate results, better vision, and no pain."

Walt M.-Shickshinny, PA.
NY Jets Football Coach For 17 Years

Multi-Lx Elite - Eliminates Bifocals

"I decided to have Multi-Lx EliteT because glasses were too cumbersome in my line of work. After the surgery, I had a dramatic improvement in my vision. Both distance and close - I can see clearly without my bifocals. The entire experience of dealing with his staff, topped off by Dr. Bucci's experience & expertise made this a pleasurable event. I would strongly recommend Dr. Bucci - Bucci Laser Vision."

Jude S. - Wilkes-Barre, PA.
Chief Paramedic City Of Wilkes-Barre For 31 Years

Multi-Lx Elite

Freedom is what Dr. Bucci gave me. Like most people over 40, I couldn't read without glasses, I had a pair of reading glasses in every room of our home. Multi-Lx EliteT changed that. The pain-free procedure is like a miracle. As a result of my success with Dr. Bucci, my husband, who had cataracts, also had the Multi-Lx EliteT procedure.

Paula K. - Mountain Top, PA.

Cataract Surgery

"My vision was so bad due to cataracts. But it had been failing gradually over time, I didn't even realize how bad it had gotten. I couldn't read anymore when I saw someone across the room, their face would be blurry. I saw an ad for Dr.Bucci, schedule a free consultation, he explained everything to me & put me at ease. I had surgery on both eyes in February, it was painless and my vision has been completely restored. I went from almost blind - to great!"

Arthur G.- Hazleton, PA.

Multi-Lx Elite

"When I first heard of Bucci Laser Vision, I thought how wonderful it would be to never have to wear bifocals again. I also thought that surgery would be very expensive,& painful. I'm happy to say I was wrong on both counts. The procedure is very affordable, and not in any way painful. Thank You Dr.Bucci for allowing me to see as I did 30 years ago. Also thanks to your wonderful staff who provided me with T.L.C."


Multi-Lx Elite

"This was the best thing I've ever done for myself...my hobby is making jewelry and I have not used a magnifier since my Multi-Lx Elite surgery. I would greatly recommend this to anyone who is tired of wearing glasses."

Ruth C. Dallas, PA

Multi-Lx Elite

"I had been so dependent on wearing bifocals that I needed to utilize then in the shower to define my shampoo from hair conditioner! How easy to apply make-up without a 10x's magnifier. Up and out of the house with worry that I forgot my glasses. What freedom to be able to see again.

Larraine G. East Stroudsburg, PA

ReZoom/Tecnis Multi-Lx Elite

"My decision to contact Dr. Bucci was based upon two things; my being physically active and having to read small print law books, which resulted in having to put my glasses on and off several dozen times a day. Even worse, leaving my glasses at home.

The refractive surgery Multi-Lx Elite procedure took only a few minutes and was painless. Dr. Bucci and his professional staff are to be commended for their attention to detail. From the minute I walked out of Dr. Bucci's office after surgery, my vision has continued to improve to the point where my vision far, mid-range and close is 20/20. My regret is that I didn't have the refractive surgery years ago."

William B., Jr. Harvey's Lake

Multi-Lx Elite

"For weeks I read the ads, wondering if I was a candidate. Finally, I called for an appointment. One of the wisest decisions/investments I ever made.

The day following the surgery I was able to read and work on my computer without the aid of glasses.

Several years have passed and I still marvel at my restored vision.

Thank you, Dr. Bucci!"

Kathleen S., Wilkes-Barre, PA

Multi-Lx Elite

"As a fifty-something trial lawyer and an avid hunter, I began to experience difficulty reading small text and seeing clearly through my scope. This all changed after Multi-Lx Elite.

I am extremely thankful to Dr. Bucci for helping me perform better in the courtroom and making my hunting experience safer and more productive."

Atty. Ferris Webby

Bladeless LASIK

I really was thrilled with how helpful and caring the staff was at Bucci Laser Vision. I had many concerns and was very apprehensive. The staff was very accommodating and really tried to help ease my fears. I have been wearing contacts/glasses since I was in elementary school. It's amazing how quick and painless the procedure was. I could see almost immediately. The procedure itself was not as dreadful as I had always imagined it would be. It was so fast, before you know it you can see it! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is tired of being tied down to contacts or glasses. Freedom is awesome!

Thank you, Dr. Bucci and your wonderful staff !!!!


Janice L. Bethlehem, PA.


"I am a hunting guide as well as a hunter, LASIK was one of the best hunting investments I have made besides my Weimaraners. Before the surgery, I couldn't see the crosshairs in my scope or a shotgun bead sight. I am 100% more effective after my LASIK surgery."

Brian "Bull" J.

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"The Multi-Lx Elite procedure was a very positive experience. I never had side effects, not even a glare problem. The next morning I read the newspaper and was even able to see the crossword puzzle."

Joan K. Peckville

Multi-Lx Elite

"At the age of 52 my glasses affected my swing and many other things. After multifocal lens implants, I see like when I was 16! Thanks Dr. Bucci !"

Tony B.-Drums, Pa. Multi-Lx Elite

Bladeless LASIK

"I couldn't function without my glasses it was like walking intoxicated. After having LASIK, I travel more and enjoy the scenery everywhere. I'm what you would call an "Adrenaline Seeker" and now there is nothing holding me back!

Thanks, Dr. Bucci!"

Laura Beth R. -Hanover, PA

Multi-Lx Elite

"I always thought it would be wonderful to be able to regain my good vision. Thanks to Dr. Bucci and multifocal lens implants this has become a reality for me. I'm now able to read books, menus, recipes, phone books and medicine labels, all without glasses. I can even thread a needle! I also have excellent distance vision. No need for bifocals anymore. Dr. Bucci and his staff were first rate."

Beth C. - Jermyn, PA.

Multi-Lx Elite

"I am a 53 yr. old network specialists (computer technician) I work with very small fonts/print on computer screens and diagrams I always had to use reading glasses to see.

After surgery, I no longer needed reading glasses to see small text. I can use the phone book, labels,  documents and manuals. I feel as if my vision is as good as it was when I was 25.

I would highly recommend Dr. Bucci and his staff to anyone who would like to give up their reading glasses."

David K.- Plains PA.

Multi-Lx Elite

"My only regret about having eye surgery by Dr. Bucci is not having it sooner! It gave me 20/20 vision and I no longer need reading glasses. Before the surgery, I was using reading glasses over bifocal contact lenses.

It's a whole new way of life now."

Pat M., Keylayres, PA.

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"I have had great success with my cataract surgery. I also had great success with the new implants Dr. Bucci put in for me. I can now read without wearing my bifocals. I am doing so well since my surgery."

Dena M. - Dupont, PA

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"The surgery was simple, painless and very successful. I would advise anyone to share in my success. Being able to view the time on my alarm clock in the morning and, reading a menu at a restaurant without reaching for glasses is phenomenal. Dr. Bucci has made a tremendous change in my everyday life."

Barbara G.- Avoca, PA


"Although I was skeptical and scared of the procedure, I still couldn't hide the excitement inside me just thinking how much LASIK could change my life. My husband & I began our research and we noticed Dr. Bucci's name kept coming up. We attended a seminar in Scranton. After listening to him we were convinced I should do this.

It's just amazing how I look at things now and to be able to read signs, directional and billboards. I can also recognize somebody's face from afar. I don't depend on my glasses from the moment I wake up in the morning.

I am just so thankful that I had the chance to change how I live life! "

Iris C. - Scranton, PA


"My husband had LASIK 10 years ago. I was too afraid , knowing something was coming right at my eyes. Well, I finally decided to do it and be rid of glasses and contacts forever. July 28, 2008 - I had Custom Vue LASIK done. I could not believe how simple the procedure was. I didn't feel a thing - it felt like my eye was being lubricated with drops during the very short procedure. I was amazed at what I could see that same day - especially since I was a -7.5 prescription. I went for my checkup the next morning and I was seeing 20/20 already.

Thank You, Dr. Bucci and staff, for helping me overcome my fears."

Sandy H. - Mt. Bethel, PA


"I have always been the type of person to put off doing something for myself. I had always talked about having LASIK but made up excuses for why I shouldn't. Finally I decided to have a free consultation to see if I was a candidate. Dr. Bucci and his staff were very patient with me explaining the procedure and the results. I felt very confident and comfortable with my decision to finally have LASIK.

Moments after the surgery, I cannot describe how awesome it was to be able to see across the room. I have worn glasses and contacts since I was 7 years old and never imagined that I would ever be able to see without them. It is a medical miracle and I would encourage anyone to have LASIK - Don't wait another day.

Thank You, Dr. Bucci, for this wonderful gift of sight."

Suzanne K. - Dallas, PA.

Multi-Lx Elite

"I describe my personal experience with the Multi-Lx Elite procedure that Dr. Bucci performed as the most positive experience I have ever spent money on! It pays me back and makes me feel great every waking minute and every hour of every day. As a woman who wore glasses since the first grade and contacts from the age of 15 - to date, my surgery was the best return on any money I ever spent on personal improvement ( clothing, hair, jewelry) you name it. I can't imagine NOT having this procedure. It changed my life overnight!"

Kathleen Y. - Bloomsburg, PA

Multi-Lx Elite

"Having to wear readers was a royal pain. I decided to have Multi-Lx Elite. Dr. Bucci informed me at my evaluation that I was a candidate for the newest TECNIS multifocal lens implant. I anticipated waking up and seeing clear immediately - it actually took 7-8 days until I began to see clearer. One month after surgery, I can see amazingly clear! I eliminated my readers, had zero pain and will never develop a cataract."

Mark T. - Old Forge, PA


"I attended a free seminar and learned about LASIK. I had my share of questions but Dr. Bucci answered all of them and many questions from others who attended as well. I scheduled my free evaluation after Dr. Bucci mapped my eyes I was told I was a candidate and decided to have the LASIK procedure.

I had the surgery on a Friday, you can bet your last dollar that I was beginning to think IF this really what I wanted. I was taken into the suite and other than a cooling sensation, there was no discomfort. It was everything Dr. Bucci said it would be, nearly painless ( some discomfort after the anesthetic wore off, but it was handled by Tylenol) very quick recovery and very long-lasting ( it's been over 10 years).

I would VERY HIGHLY recommend Dr. Bucci and his staff to anyone considering giving up their glasses or contacts. I drive professionally and cannot say enough good things about not having to deal with glasses or contacts anymore!"

James C - Plymouth, PA.

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"After Receiving this procedure I have been able to fly an airplane, drive a motorcycle and even go sky diving. I give Dr. Bucci the credit for allowing me to do all of this." Rich S. ( 78 yrs young)

 Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"Dr. Bucci performed my refractive surgery using the most state of the art replacement lens. I experienced the most professional care from all the staff members. The procedure was virtually pain-free. Post-op was also pain-free and did not limit my lifestyle in any way. I can now read again perfectly and will not need glasses for the remainder of my life! Good -Bye glasses/contacts - Hello perfect vision !!! Susan C.- Pottsville, PA

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite


"When I was informed by another Ophthalmologist that I was ready for cataract surgery, I decided to attend a Bucci seminar. I was impressed and decided to make an appointment. I wanted the best surgeon available to operate on my eyes. I decided to have Dr. Bucci perform my surgery and upgraded to the Multiplex Elite lenses.


The surgery was painless, my vision improved immediately. After Yag & laser enhancement, I now read and see long and short distances perfectly. After almost 60 years of glasses, this is a wonderful gift."

MaryLou Z. - Glen Lyon, PA

Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

"At the age of 40 my vision started to decline I went from readers to bifocals, even bifocal contacts (which were extremely difficult) back to bifocals.

I had been told that I might have cataracts so I came to see Dr. Bucci. He gave me the option of a standard lens which I would need to wear glasses afterward or a multifocal lens which would eliminate my need for bifocals.

I decided on the Multifocal lens. I had confidence in Dr. Bucci ,he and his staff are extremely efficient . I could see everything after the surgery, although I did have pre-existing astigmatism which he was also able to correct after the surgery. the hardest part of the whole process was remembering to put the eye drops in as instructed."

Patrick S. - Laflin, PA


I had worn glasses since I was 12, at the age of 33 I decided to treat myself as a birthday gift to the LASIK procedure. It was quick and painless, now I enjoy my life free of glasses and contacts. I wish I had done it years ago. I highly recommend Dr. Bucci and his staff for the great care they provided to me and the gift of sight without glasses.

Krista P. - Harveys Lake

Cataract/ Multi-Lx Elite

I have one good eye to see near and far, my right eye. It does double duty because my left eye is legally blind. When I had to have my cataracts removed I choose the Multi-Lx Elite "premium cataract surgery". It was to restore sight as much as possible in my good eye.It has taken a while for my eye to adjust, but I feel I have reached my goal.

When I had concerns or questions Dr. Bucci answered and addressed my issues and personally refined my post-op treatment. I feel he and his staff were on my side and I'm grateful to him for giving me improved eyesight back.


Henrietta D. - Drums, Pa. Cataract/Multi-Lx Elite

Premium Cataract /Multi-Lx Elite

My experience with Dr. Bucci & his staff was exceptional from the first eye exam to the completion of both eye surgeries. The results were "like a miracle" my sight is amazing. I now have 20/20 vision.

I hope anyone contemplating cataract surgery would choose Dr. Bucci. I hold him in my highest regard - His expertise is surely a " God-given gift"


Josaphine Loomis, R.N. -Carbondale, PA.


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